Dr. Wizard’s Advice – Full List


Lesson #1: Buy Organic Apples

Lesson #2: Start Taking Chinese Now

Lesson #3: Think Bronze Medal

Lesson #4: Recycle

Lesson #5: Crazy Roommates = Great Stories

Lesson #6: Ask About Extra Credit

Lesson #7: Bridge the Parental Divide

Lesson #8: Sports Gambling is Dangerous

Lesson #9: Watch Dead Man on Campus

Lesson #10: Ditch Your Desktop

Lesson #11: Embrace Diversity (Or, the Old, Old Wooden Ship)

Lesson #12: Credit Cards

Lesson #13: Stop Wearing Cologne to Class

Lesson #14: Procrastination

Lesson #15: Go on Dates

Lesson #16: Consider Phlebas

Lesson #17: Reconsider Math and Science

Lesson #18: Box Wine Isn’t Real

Lesson #19: Vote

Lesson #20: How to Write an “A” Paper

Lesson #21: Your 21st Birthday

Lesson #22: One Tree Hill (or, The Beautiful People)

Lesson #23: Coin-Operated Laundry

Lesson #24: Kids with BMWs

Lesson #25: Awesome Halloween Costumes

Lesson #26: Write in Your Textbooks

Lesson #27: To Rush, or Not to Rush

Lesson #28: Borrow Less Money

Lesson #29: Step Outside the University Box

Lesson #30: Subscribe to the Economist

Lesson #31: Your High School Sweetheart

Lesson #32: Keeping the Faith

Lesson #33: Television vs. The Good Earth

Lesson #34: Visit the Gymnasium

Lesson #35: Why Cheaters Never Prosper

Lesson #36: Become a Philanthropist

Lesson #37: Become a Philatelist

Lesson #38: The World Needs Electricians

Lesson #39: Cocaine = Not the Best Idea

Lesson #40: Engage in at Least One Massive (Harmless) Prank

Lesson #41: Meet Mavis Beacon

Lesson #42: Use Your Camera

Lesson #43: Exams Made Simple

Lesson #44: You Know who Doesn’t Suck?  Designated Dave

Lesson #45: Travel in Packs

Lesson #46: Don’t Be Afraid of Counseling Services

Lesson #47: Road Trip

Lesson #48: How to Get Into a Closed Class

Lesson #49: Them Smokers Will Test Ya

Lesson #50: Find the Nook

Lesson #51: The Entrepreneurial Skill Set (Little Boxes)

Lesson #52: Guitar vs. Guitar Hero

Lesson #53: Taking a Year Off

Lesson #54: The Hours Before Noon

Lesson #55: A Real Dope Rapper

Lesson #56: A Real Dope Wrapper

Lesson #57: Read for Fun

Lesson #58: Weekends on the Cheap

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  1. Tess Tulley said, on November 18, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Pretty good Joe, you can thank Kaplan Ann’s crush on you to the mass email sent out to all.

    And I hope you are enjoying your pesticide free Gala apple.

    Sucessful wishes

  2. […] There’s this guy named Joe Webb. He’s a doctoral student at St. Louis University, and he writes a blog for college students that is awesome. In fact, I find much of his information useful and you know I’m waaaaaayyyyyy past that life phase. He is funny and irreverent, two things I hope I am sometimes, and he is refreshingly honest. Here’s what a column at had to say about him: “Webb, who teaches and studies at St. Louis University, has quickly gained a national following with his blog, A couple of times a week, he posts meandering ruminations on life and pop culture that end with offbeat, humorous and no-nonsense lessons on how to survive and succeed in college.  He’s a doctoral student in English as well as an instructor at SLU. So his counsel might be more described as that of an older brother who is also a professor. His age helps, too. He’s 28.” You can read the whole article about him at or Check out the full list of Dr. Wizard’s advice columns here. […]

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