Posted in Lessons by The Books Production Team on August 31, 2008



 As a typical college student, you will most likely consume copious amounts of Gatorade, bottled water, Red Bull, Diet Coke, and various other beverages that come in glass bottles and aluminum cans.  Depending upon your level of cleanliness and the time of day, you may find yourself tempted to throw these containers, once empty, onto your dorm room floor, your neighbor’s lawn, or into a trash can.  Allow me to introduce you to an even better receptacle for your waste: the recycling bin. 


          If your parents or teachers have made you watch An Inconvenient Truth, you might remember that the energy saved from recycling one plastic bottle can power your laptop for 25 minutes.  Why is this important?  Well, it appears that the Earth is getting warmer – and as of the year 2008, we have yet to discover another planet where we might live.  There is, of course, the space station Mir – currently home to something in the neighborhood of a dozen Russian cosmonauts.  But do you speak Russian?  Probably not, and we’ve already covered the fact that your best bet as far as language goes is to Start Taking Chinese Now (Lesson #2). 


          So, do yourself a favor, and throw those empty Natty Light cans in the blue barrel with the white triangle made out of three arrows.  I realize that recycling may not be the top item on your weekend agenda, but I don’t want to be sitting on my front porch in my underwear fifty years from now, sweating to death in the 130-degree summer heat, and having conversations with my old professor friends that start out “Do you remember when there used to be trees?”   

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